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Bharath Belda

Senior Developer

“I love how data analytics allows us to make educated decisions and to stop guessing.”

Bill Atkinson

Business Development Director

“I love helping our clients get clarity on what is going on in their business, to make data driven decisions – quickly and with confidence.”

Ciaran Gallagher

Consulting Manager

“We, as humans, seek certainty. This is achieved by knowing the truth. The beauty is using data that forms this truth to create insights and stories that inform and delight people.”

Darshan Baskaran

Analytics Lead and Consultant Manager

“Data is in my DNA, literally and figuratively. As Analytics Lead, I manage our project delivery, develop solutions and oversee the operational running of the Services Team.“

Eliott Kalfon

Analytics Consultant

“Good data is not given, it is engineered.“

Harish Kumar

Senior BI QA

"Being a Database developer, I am passionate about developing TrueCue platform that offers best possible solutions to any business problem."

Imran Tahir

Senior Business Intelligence Developer

“I’m passionate about data-driven solutions using the latest and best technology available to us, to help the end user and make a difference.“

Lee Rothman

Lead Developer

“I’m a lead software developer on the Truecue platform with a passion for modern agile and XP development practices.”

Luke Farrugia

Head of Marketing

“It’s great to be able to support the analytics community with good information, good data, and the capacity to derive good decisions, through the lens of TrueCue.”

Manu George

Full-stack Developer

“The world is changing faster than ever, fuelled by the endless opportunities created by data. Being a data engineer, I love being a ‘prophet’ who speaks data – and use technology as my staff.”

Max Kenney

Director of Analytics

“I love working in data analytics, it always presents new challenges, and I thrive on solving each problem with data, aiming to delight our clients.”

Mingyang Tham

Analytics Consultant

“If a story is just data with a soul, analytics is what brings that soul to life.”

Nicholas Finch

Chief Technology Officer

“I love how data and analytics reduces guesswork, enabling informed decisions, and brings people together through objective answers based on previous experience and prediction.”

Nicolas Voirin

Senior Consultant

“One of the things I enjoy the most is seeing people's faces light up when the truths emerge from their data.”

Ramiro Medina

Senior Consultant

“I love data because of the stories it tells. The opportunities are endless if we listen carefully.”

Richard Birtwistle

Senior Manager

“It can be easy to hide behind data. Analytics helps me get to the real story that the data is trying to tell.”

Robert Papier

Microsoft and Partner Alliance Manager

“I’m passionate about the tangible business benefits that Microsoft Azure cloud solutions deliver – and working with Microsoft and Microsoft partners to promote these solutions.”

Ryan Smith

Senior Consultant

“I love analysing data from all aspects of life, whether it’s sport, film, finance or even my spending habits. There’s always more insight to be found.”

Sophie Decelle

Data Science Lead

"Think analytically, rigorously, and systematically about a business problem and come up with a solution that leverages the available data."

Sophie Hiscock

Graduate Consulting Analyst

“Data can let you see more of the world – if you know how to look at it. I’m happy to be part of a team with a clear view.”

Stuti Gupta

Data Warehouse Tester

"I am passionate about finding the ways to turn the raw data in to an information, where it leads to insights to the Business and provide clarity."

Tim Archer

Director of Analytics

“Analytics reveals the truth that hides within data to the people who matter. It levels the playing field, enabling everyone to make informed decisions.“

Weelin Lim

Chief Product Officer

"I am a scientist by education, a systems engineer by training and a data technologist by profession."

James Don-Carolis

Managing Director

“I love the ‘ta-dah!’ moment with data – when the penny drops, and the audience experiences the joy of understanding something new for the first time.”

Salma Mulla

Digital Marketing Executive

"I am excited and motivated by supporting the data and analytics industry, through the intelligent use of digital marketing."

Michael Symmonds

Graduate Consulting Analyst

"I love using data to understand what is really going on under the surface. There is no better feeling than gaining insight through analytics which would otherwise be clouded by noise."

Joseph Arber

Graduate Consulting Analyst

"My true passion for working with data took off when I discovered that it was more than just numbers, rows and columns in spreadsheets, but also a way to understand how the world works."

Megan Charles

Graduate Consulting Analyst

"Through data analytics, you can unleash untapped potential and have a positive impact across industries and sectors."

Jawwad Adel

Graduate Consulting Analyst

"The world is a big collection of jigsaw puzzles. Data analytics is just a fancy way of assembling the pieces."

Zsanett Bahor


“Data can shed light on stories that would otherwise be left in the dark. My motivation is to use data to challenge what we think we know to inform robust decision-making and practice.”

Paul Knytl


"I’m obsessed with trying to understand. Data helps me do that and pass that understanding on to others. In the words of the Royal Society, “Nullius in verba” – take nobody’s word for it."

Case Study: Fighting COVID-19 with Data

Learn about how we’re helping the largest Sustainability and Transformation Partnership in the NHS, to use data analytics to improve their response to COVID-19 and save lives.

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