Customer insights

You need to build customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy – but conventional approaches fail to deliver. Intelligent data-driven decisions are your key to delivering a great customer experience.

Understanding your customers and their behaviours

Your Challenge
Gaining a clear picture of your customers and their behaviour is vital to improving customer experience. But this requires well-organised data and sophisticated analytics.

Key insights
Customer data is often qualitative and unstructured, such as an online review or social media post. But these sources can be an excellent window into customer passions or pain points.

Meeting the challenge
By bringing all your sources of customer data (structured and unstructured) together in a single data warehouse with integrated analytics, you can provide a solid foundation for your customer experience and acquisition initiatives.

Discover customer analytics

Customer experience is expected to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020*

Providing a more personalised customer experience

Your Challenge
Customers are willing to pay a 16% premium in return for a better experience. But achieving the required personalisation at scale is tough, and involves managing unstructured data.

Key insights
Building uniquely personalised customer relationships at today’s scale and speed is impossible without the right management, automation and data analytics tools.

Meeting the challenge
Using a range of data science techniques across your customer data sources, you can provide more personalised service, support, guidance and recommendations to each customer.

Applying customer insights

Customers would switch brand due to one bad experience*

Building customer engagement and reducing churn

Your challenge
New client acquisition can be an uphill struggle, when organisations have scarce resources and tight marketing budgets. Organisations must maximise the value from relationships with existing clients.

Key insights
One in three customers would give up their favourite brand after just one negative experience – so engaging at the right time, and in the right way is vital.

Meeting the challenge
Throughout the customer lifecycle, you need to identify reasons they may not want to continue or renew with you. With this insight, you can fix issues fast, ensuring customers feel valued and stay loyal.

Build customer engagement

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience*

*Customers 2020: A Progress Report. Walker, 2020

*Advanced CRM Sales Analytics Requires Trust Based Data and Analytics Governance. Gartner, 2020

*Qualtrics, 2018

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