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Your organisation needs to modernise and optimise work processes, while providing an enhanced experience for your people. Analysing your people data for new intelligent insights can help.

Dealing with disordered, disjointed people data

Your Challenge
55% of HR professionals say they need help to start even basic people analytics. A key difficulty is that people data is often scattered and siloed across various systems.

Key insights
When people data sets aren’t joined up, analysis and reporting become time-consuming manual processes. Without HR data integration, you face an increased risk of errors, and findings may be skewed.

Meeting the challenge
By integrating your people data on a unified platform, you can more easily apply your analytics and visualisation tools of choice to automate reporting and guide your analytical decision making.

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Only 23% of HR professionals use an Ethics Code of Conduct for People Analytics*

Finding better answers to your workforce questions

Your challenge
Analysis of people data is often circulated within organisations as static reports in Excel or PowerPoint. Holistically evaluating this data is difficult, and predicting future outcomes from it is almost impossible.

Key insights
Business users are unable to sufficiently probe data in Excel, PowerPoint and other static formats. They frequently have to request additional ad-hoc analysis from analytics teams, requiring more time and effort.

Meeting the challenge
By applying data analytics to curated people data to enable interactive dashboards, you can answer a majority of typical questions immediately – so you can quickly figure out next steps for talent acquisition, development, management & more.

Gain people insights

Up-to 80% of typical HR questions could be answered faster with better analytics*

Protecting people data during analysis

Your challenge
People data sources are often decentralised, requiring manual transfer to analytics environments, often by email or file sharing – which can lead to risks of massive breaches of personal and business-sensitive data.

Key insights
Sending sensitive people data for analysis via file sharing or email attachments can create multiple versions of the truth within organisations – not to mention the security concerns.

Meeting the challenge
Using a modern cloud-based data platform with built-in security, such as end-to-end encryption and secure single sign-on, you can ensure that only authorised users access your people data.

Analyse people data securely

Only 29% of talent professionals are using data to proactively solve future problems*

* Global Talent Trends Report 2020, LinkedIn

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