Sales Performance Management

Your sales team is a limited resource. You need to make the best use of your data to understand and optimise their ability to sell – and improve your planning and forecasting.

Going beyond CRM to advanced sales analytics

Your challenge
CRM solutions such as SalesForce are designed to optimise and track your sales process. However, these are transactional systems that don’t typically lend themselves easily to deeper analytics.

Key insights
When existing tools in your sales operations don’t go far enough, significant time is wasted performing crude analysis using Excel and other manual tools.

Meeting the challenge
With a secure cloud-based data warehouse platform, you can take a data feed direct from SalesForce or other CRM system, and merge this with other relevant sales data. This creates an enriched dataset for applying advanced analytics and data science techniques.

Discover sales analytics

Business Leaders effectively using sales analytics, typically see 5-10% revenue growth*

Gaining a full view of your sales pipeline

Your challenge
A significant proportion of sales meetings are spent analysing how and why forecasts have changed since the previous meeting.

Key insights
This inability to fully understand the sales pipeline leads to inconsistent sales execution – and financial loss due to missed or under-realised opportunities.

Meeting the challenge
Creating interactive analytics dashboards from your sales data enables your teams to easily compare performance between any two points in time, to quickly understand movements in the sales pipeline.

Gain sales insights

Sales teams with planning analytics, enjoy 54% greater forecast accuracy than those without*

Turning prospects into customers

Your challenge
A key focus of sales meetings is to understand what will close – and whether it will close this quarter. You need to identify issues with your pipeline so you can take action, fast.

Key insights
Gaining performance insights from full and accurate data will deliver a vital competitive advantage for your sales teams – and can help your business predict year-end revenue position or foresee cash flow issues.

Meeting the challenge
By applying data science and machine learning, you can spot new sales opportunities, identify those that that are at risk, and understand the key influencing factors – enabling sales teams to take the right actions.

Improve your sales pipeline

AI-powered analytics boosted sales of new services and products by more than 10% for three out of four companies surveyed*

* Boosting your sales ROI: How digital and analytics can drive new performance and growth. McKinsey, 2018

* The ROI of Sales Planning Analytics: Better Forecast Accuracy, Growth in Top-Line Revenue, and Shorter Sales Cycles. Aberdeen, 2018

* Capgemini, 2019

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