Analytics Centre of Excellence

We can help you create your own Analytics Centre of Excellence to drive analytics adoption, knowledge-sharing and best practices – assigning ownership of key activities to your team members, while also developing your longer-term plan.

Creating your Centre of Excellence

Create your in-house Analytics Centre of Excellence to drive actionable insights from your data.

An Analytics Centre of Excellence (CoE) within your organization centralizes your data and analytics function, ensuring a consistent approach and alignment to your data strategy at an enterprise level.

TrueCue can lead the establishment of your CoE as part of an analytics enablement program, or as a stand-alone engagement.

Your Centre of Excellence will be responsible for setting and owning your data and analytics strategy, expertise, and domain knowledge, as well as for setting standards and governance, while also maintaining the ability to remain agile to change and evolution.

It also further enables learning and provides an environment to expand your capability in specialist areas such as data science and advanced analytics.

By centralizing ownership of analytics, your Centre of Excellence gives a clear identity to analytics within your organization.

This not only promotes the use of analytics but also allows control of developmental standards within your organization, by aligning to a single analytics strategy.

TrueCue enabled us to rapidly implement a full Business Intelligence suite to support our integrated care agenda for our network of over 400 GP practices, ten hospitals and four mental health and community health trusts. From the design of our Data Warehouse and Cubes through to the deployment of reports and tableau dashboards into our tableau server, TrueCue remained professional and flexible throughout, understanding our requirements very quickly and surpassing all expectations.

Kavitha Saravanakumar / Deputy Director of Business Intelligence and Data Management

Bring your analytics efforts together

Your Centre of Excellence is the ‘mission control’ for your data analytics transformation.


Avoid siloed development and repetition of effort

By centralising ownership of analytics, you can avoid siloed analytics development to varying standards across different areas of your organisation. This also allows work to be reused where possible, removing repetition of effort.


Increase visibility and data availability

Analytics development requires data from all corners of your organisation. Rather than restricting the knowledge and data to what is available within a single function, your Centre of Excellence combines these factors from multiple stakeholders and various functions. Also, by owning analytics centrally, the right people are aware of all analytics development efforts across the organisation.


Nurture your analytics community

Your Centre of Excellence creates a community for fostering development and leadership. Learning and onboarding materials will be centralised and maintained, and leaders will emerge naturally. You can even create a team of Analytics Champions to help formalise this.

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