Data Management

Build a strong foundation for your data and analytics. We can help you manage and organise your diverse data assets, to establish a centrally-managed and governed data platform, fit for analytics.

Delivering insights with our partners

Data management made simple

Stay in control of your data

With our expert consultants and data engineers, together with our world-leading technology partners, we can help you simplify and take control of your data.

Focus on your business goals

Your data management strategy should be driven by your objectives. Our data experts work to assess your business requirements, to ensure that we connect the right data sources, at the right levels or granularity.

A model of data clarity

Our dimensional modelling methodology helps organise and store your data, making it ready for analytics. You gain full audit-ability and transparency on where data came from and its quality.

44% of time is being wasted every week because data workers are unsuccessful in their activities*

TrueCue enabled us to rapidly implement a full Business Intelligence suite to support our integrated care agenda for our network of over 400 GP practices, ten hospitals and four mental health and community health trusts. From the design of our Data Warehouse and Cubes through to the deployment of reports and tableau dashboards into our tableau server, TrueCue remained professional and flexible throughout, understanding our requirements very quickly and surpassing all expectations.

Kavitha Saravanakumar / Deputy Director of Business Intelligence and Data Management

Advantages of better data management

Our data management services are designed to help you drive the maximum benefits from your information.


Enabling repeatability and automation

We believe that data management processes must be easily repeatable. Our data management processes can be run with a click – or be fully automated on a schedule. Your data should be ready to answer your business questions – without delays, manual efforts or human errors.


Connecting data sources for a wider view

When analytics is restricted to a single source of data, it rarely tells the full story. Our data warehouse brings together data from all your organisation’s internal and external sources – allowing you to see the whole picture. Your data stories become richer when you can consider your own data in the context of external factors – like social or economic data sets.


A strong base for your analytics future

Our data management approach is focused on enabling analytics – so you can get insights and value from millions of rows of raw data. We help you structure your data, ready for answering business questions through visualisation and data science. By making your data accessible to analytics platforms and tools, you can deliver hard-hitting benefits for your organisation.

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Analytics Enablement

We can help you train people, creating a centre of excellence increasing the adoption rates and make analytics stick.

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Data Visualisation

We help you transform complex data sets into engaging visuals. You can embed high quality analytics into everyday workflows, to support decision-makers, empower people and drive processes.

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Data Science

We can help you, using powerful machine learning algorithms to spot trends, predict the future and prescribe next steps takes analytics to the next level.

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*State of Data Science and Analytics Report. IDC, 2019