Data visualisation & analytics

Our visualisation services help you bring your data to life – enabling your decision-makers to see, understand and interpret what’s happening across your organisation.

Delivering insights with our partners

View your organisation in a new way

Visual insights for your people

Visualising your data removes traditional barriers, liberating the analysis away from IT specialists and into the hands of your decision-makers.

Paint a compelling picture with data

We help you transform complex data sets into engaging visuals. You can embed high quality analytics into everyday workflows, to support decision-makers, empower people and drive processes.

Apply the best visualisation tools

We partner with the best platforms in the world to deliver data visualisations that make an impact throughout your organisation – driving business change through intuitive, actionable insight.

The Global Datasphere will grow to 175 Zettabytes by 2025*

We urgently required an Analytics platform to seamlessly run our Talent Management process in 2019. TrueCue delivered a fully automated Data-as-a-Service platform within just 3 months, with an estimated time saving of 10,000 hours for our HR Business Partner and Global Analytics Teams.

Global FMCG enterprise / Head of People & Org Analytics

Bring more clarity to your data

TrueCue’s expert data visualisation services give you the practical insights you need for better decisions.


Accessible and Intuitive visualisations

Empower your whole organisations to make data- driven decisions. We work with business intelligence to turn your leaders’ data into charts that can be shared across the organisation – enabling multidisciplinary teams to have data driven conversations. Our areas of data visualisation expertise include operational and executive reporting, infographics design, skills training, and integration of visuals into your existing systems.


Tell more impactful data stories

When analytics is restricted to a single source of data, it rarely tells the full story. Our data warehouse brings together data from all your organisation’s internal and external sources – allowing you to see the whole picture. Your data stories become richer when you can consider your own data in the context of external factors – like social or economic data sets.


Providing actionable insights

Our data management approach is focused on enabling analytics – so you can get insights and value from millions of rows of raw data. We help you structure your data, ready for answering business questions through visualisation and data science. By making your data accessible to analytics platforms and tools, you can deliver hard-hitting benefits for your organisation.

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Analytics Enablement

We can help you train people, creating a centre of excellence increasing the adoption rates and make analytics stick.

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Data Management

We can help you manage and organise your diverse data assets, to establish a centrally- managed and governed data platform, fit for analytics.

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Data Science

We can help you, using powerful machine learning algorithms to spot trends, predict the future and prescribe next steps takes analytics to the next level.

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*Why A Data-Driven Culture Matters And How To Get There. Forbes, 2020