Drive new analytical insights from data across your FMCG business – from planning, manufacturing and customer data, through to supply chain, finance, people and logistics. Interrogate your performance, and generate action plans to improve and grow.

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With better forecasting and prediction of customer demand, you can smooth out the noise in the supply chain, allowing your planners to gain a better view on what is expected of manufacturing teams:

Raw material planners can be more efficient in their orders and forge better supplier relationships.

Manufacturing planners can ensure machines are set up with workforce ready to go.

Logistic managers can reduce costs and environmental impact.

Machine and laboratory data has uses beyond meeting quality regulation. By using other FMCG product quality insights you can:

Avoid product wasteage, machine downtime and regulatory fines.

Understand the interrelationships in your quality data.

Identify issues with materials, manufacturers, storage or transportation.

Make more sense of consumer market research and survey data, in conjunction with wider sources of web, social media and instore data. Gain insights to better:

Understand your customers.

Position your products.

Stay ahead of the competition.

Make your data systems talk to one another to improve your operational efficiency and effectiveness, so you can ensure:

Customer invoices are paid on time.

Service level agreements are adheared to.

Customer experience is second to none.

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Our services are delivered by experts in the full analytics lifecycle. We help you gain a clear understanding of your data to release its full potential.

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We work with best-in-class partners – such as Microsoft, Alteryx and Tableau – to deliver robust, secure and innovative data analytics for your FMCG business.

Most FMCGs have started to embrace digital but have far to go, especially in adopting truly data-driven marketing and sales practices*

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*The new model for consumer goods. McKinsey, 2018

Case Study: Fighting COVID-19 with Data

Learn about how we’re helping the largest Sustainability and Transformation Partnership in the NHS, to use data analytics to improve their response to COVID-19 and save lives.

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