Pricing analytics

Our Pricing Analytics solution can help you implement a data-driven pricing strategy. Bring data assets together from across your business and external sources, in a unified decision-making framework.

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Set your price for success

Simplify your path to insights

Pricing is analytically complex and computationally demanding. It requires data that is hard to acquire and difficult to work with. Our Pricing Solution does the heavy lifting for you.

A unified analytics lab for pricing

We help you bring data together from multiple sources, from within your organisation (finance, sales, operations) as well as external sources.

Frame your pricing questions

With our solution, you can create a modelling framework that helps you navigate the uncertainty, understand the sensitivities and weigh up the trade-offs of different pricing options.

61% of consumers believe that the use of advanced analytics could result in getting a fairer price*

Pricing perception, driven by your data

Hard data insights, less hard work

Use our solution to create a unified data asset combining all of the data that is relevant for pricing decision making. We take care of the back and front-end complexity, so you can focus on the pricing insights.

Be prepared for confidence

You can configure various pre-calculated pricing scenarios. When it comes to analysing results, you can effortlessly explore the relationships between variables.

Better decisions, by the board

Our solution is presented through interactive dashboards that are visually intuitive, helping you focus on the big pricing decisions, instead of decision-makers getting lost in the detail.


The best companies augment their pricing analytics with detailed customer insights*

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Step up to smarter pricing

Raise your game – and your price

Using TrueCue to gain better understanding of customer segments, price sensitivity and willingness to pay. One manufacturer was able to raise prices by 10-25% across segments.

The evidence is clear

Using our Pricing Analytics solution, a major pharmaceutical company is able to make better, evidence-based decisions multimarket strategic pricing in half the time it previously took.

Pricing with surgical precision

A private hospital group is using this solution inform procedure-level. They have used data insights to drive negotiation processes and make volume guarantees for margin protection.

One manufacturer was able to raise prices by 10-25% across segments

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*Accencenture, 2019

*McKinsey, 2014

Case Study: Fighting COVID-19 with Data

Learn about how we’re helping the largest Sustainability and Transformation Partnership in the NHS, to use data analytics to improve their response to COVID-19 and save lives.

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