November 16, 2020

Women in Data Hackathon 2020 – Overall Winners

Luke Farrugia
Luke Farrugia Head of Marketing

Business challenge:

Equality and Diversity
Women in data

Overall Winners: Team Google Gals

Event Overview

TrueCue’s inaugural Women in Data Hackathon was attended by over 300 participants from 41 countries. This comprised of a mix of students, women returning to work, swapping industries, as well as those in the early stages of careers in data.

Attendees were also joined by 40 facilitators, who collectively boasted over 200 years-experience working in the field of data, from organisations including Google, Balfour, Virgin Media, Lego and the NHS.

Participants were separated into 40 teams, supported by a facilitator, with the task to analyse a global COVID-19 data set, before crafting research questions around COVID-19. This related to areas such effects of COVID-19 on those most impacted countries globally, predicted hotspots around the world and the effectiveness of restrictions put into place across communities.

Teams were then given two weeks to research and analyse data sets, with each team then tasked to submit a short presentation, showcasing their findings and recommendations. Not only did the hackathon provide an opportunity for members of the data science community to connect and address challenges presented by the pandemic but critically, it also shone a light on the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion in the data industry.

Judges of the finalists included, Libby Duane Adams, Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder of Alteryx, Freya Holland, EMEA & International HQ Analytics Lead at Kraft Heniz, Nicole Johnson, Senior Consultant at T-Mobile, Jen Stirrup, CEO and Founder of Data Relish and James Don-Carolis, Managing Director of TrueCue.

Team Google Gals were named overall winners, following their use of data to look into the factors affecting responses to the virus in different countries.

Meet The Team

Name: Yvenn Amara-Ouali 

Profession: PhD Candidate in Statistics and Machine Learning

Organisation: Université Paris-Saclay and EDF 

A Bit About Me:

Having graduated from Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne in Data Science and Imperial College Business School in Management, I am passionate about Machine Learning and AI applied to various domains.
I have worked with clients from several industries during my experience at Concentra Analytics and provided them with Advanced Analytics, Data Blending and Reporting solutions using a variety of tools from R and Python to Tableau and Alteryx.

I am currently a PhD candidate at Université Paris-Saclay and EDF R&D working on electric vehicles charging load modelling using statistical and machine learning methods.

Name: Joy Chow

Profession: Postgraduate, MSc Management 

Organisation: Imperial College Business School

A Bit About Me:

Hello! Born and raised in Hong Kong, I am a recent Biochemistry graduate at Imperial College London and am currently pursuing a Master’s in Management at the Imperial Business School. As an avid team player and problem-solver with various experiences within the healthcare sector, I’m passionate about connecting science and business, and am keen to expand my knowledge in analytics and further industries.

Joy Chow - TrueCue Women in Data Hackathon Winner 2020

Name: Reema Sodha

Profession: Data & Performance Analyst 

Organisation: Coram

A Bit About Me:

After graduating with a Mathematics degree from the University of Warwick, I secured a position on Mott MacDonald’s transport modelling graduate scheme. Two years into this role, I went in search for a role where I could more directly use my analytical skills to make a positive difference in society – this led me to becoming a Data & Performance Analyst at Britain’s oldest children’s charity a year ago now. Having learnt so much already, I am so happy that I took the leap into joining the data analytics industry and am excited to continue my journey down this career path! 

Name: Zsanett Bahor

Profession: Researcher & Data Analyst

A Bit About Me:

I completed my PhD in pre-clinical meta-research in 2018 and have since worked with data in the public health sector at NHS Scotland and as a postdoctoral researcher supporting others performing meta-research.

I am passionate about using technology to leverage data to gain insights that can be used to inform research and decision-making and drive innovation and digital transformation. Ultimately, I love solving problems, developing interactive dashboards and delivering solutions that have an impact on real-world problems.

I am always looking for new challenges and pursuing opportunities to apply new ways of using data for good.

Name: Vanessa Jiménez

Profession: Postgraduate, MSc Quality and Applied Statistics

Organisation: Le Salle University

A Bit About Me: I only discovered my true interests earlier this year: being that of a data scientist and climate leader. Interested in improving processes using statistics with a sustainable perspective, I am currently studying a master’s degree in Quality and Applied Statistics, in addition to Data Visualisation with Google Data Studio from a scholarship that won from Banco Santander. In my spare time I like to research about biomimicry, leadership, climate change, astrology and data analysis. I also enjoy organising events together with my local Rotaract club and fellow friends who are also environmental leaders. When I am trying to relax I love watching series and movies!

Name: Fengyu (Violette) Su

Profession: Postgraduate, MS Financial Technology

Organisation: Imperial College Business School

A Bit About Me: I am currently studying an MSc Programme of Financial Technology at Imperial College Business School, having already obtained double degrees including Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Engineering at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). During my undergraduate years, I attended mathematical modelling contests held by UESTC every year from 2016 to 2018. I’ve successfully completed internships at several companies, including Construction Bank of China, Dongguan Securities Company and Meritco Service Company, and Beijing Koudai Caifu Technology Company. I enjoy using data analysis to solve problems and has a passion for learning new things.

A Word From Our Winners

The TrueCue and Women in Data Hackathon was a great experience for all of us in Team Google Gals – we must say that we learnt so much in such a short space of time! 

We all came from varying backgrounds and had our own ideas coming into the hackathon of what questions we wanted to try and answer around the COVID-19 pandemic – this is precisely what made the team so great and helped to shape the route we took in terms of our data analysis and visualisation. 

The fact that we were given just 2 weeks to formulate our question and put together our data analysis was in itself a challenge, but this was made even more challenging with the added constraint that one of our team members was on the other side of the world. Our determination as a team allowed us to overcome these challenges by devising a solid plan and adapting to new ways of communicating to attack that plan. 

Something that was so inspiring to see was how much all of us were prepared to use data analytics/visualisation tools like Tableau and Python, and work with data analytics/science concepts such as random forest regression that were previously unknown to us. As enjoyable and invaluable as this experience was, it was difficult at times to continue with our analysis as we were virtually beginners in the tools and concepts we chose to use. We learnt that we were individually strong problem-solvers so were able to find ways to proceed with a line of thought: sometimes this was just by Googling or asking our facilitator, but we found it particularly helpful using collaborative tools like Google Colab to share our code with each other and work as a team to tackle the problems. 

Even though we were doing everything remotely, had 2 time zones to navigate around, and we were all strangers at the beginning of the hackathon, we managed to deliver an effective solution in such a short amount of time. Ultimately, we believe our success was down to great team-working: we were able to effectively split tasks between us, which meant we were able to divide and conquer; we made all decisions collectively through regular catch-ups; we were all ready to get stuck in and not afraid to try something new; and, most importantly, we supported and challenged each other to create a story around the data that we were all passionate about and had contributed to! While we came to learn and to network, getting to do it with a group of talented, hardworking women was a bonus; we each went away not just with a great experience, but also potentially some friends we hope to meet in person in the future. 

Business challenge:

Equality and Diversity
Women in data
Luke Farrugia
Written by Luke Farrugia Head of Marketing

Luke is the Head of all things marketing at TrueCue. With an eclectic track record in planning and implementing comprehensive B2B and B2C growth marketing strategy, across a multitude of industries, including tech, music, travel and education, Luke loves supporting the analytics community with good information, good data and the capacity to derive good decisions, through the lens of TrueCue.

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