Growing fresh analytics insights for a global agricultural enterprise

Leveraging the leading business intelligence and data analytics platforms, Alteryx and Tableau, TrueCue accelerated the design, build and deployment of interactive performance dashboards, for global leading agriculture firm, AGCO.
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AGCO - TrueCue Services Case Study

Business challenge:

Data Visualisation



We helped global agricultural machinery maker, AGCO, to bring cutting edge analytics benefits to its customers. Our solution provides interactive performance dashboards, enabling farmers to see all their equipment operations in a single view.

of machine telemetry data points captured daily


unified analytics platform for operational insights


to develop proof-of-concept for customer trial

4 weeks

A more productive overview of resources

Our solution puts interactive performance maps and data dashboards into the hands of AGCO’s busy customers, to enable better farming decisions.

The big name in big farm machines

AGCO is a world-leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of agricultural machinery solutions that help the farming industry to become more productive and more profitable. They own many famous brand names in the agricultural industry, including Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtara.

Rich sources of real-time performance data

AGCO machines are fitted with state-of-the-art telemetry devices, allowing them to record and transmit readings of their operation on a near-real-time basis. This telemetry data includes readings on engine revs, vehicle speed, direction of travel, coordinates, engine hours, fuel consumption. It also captures technical data from sensors in specific parts of the machine, such as spray rates, volumes and concentration mix.

Avoiding telemetric data overload

AGCO wanted to enable customers to see the effectiveness of their operations –helping them do more, in less time, while saving money and making better-informed decisions. But the sheer volume of data (with each machine producing hundreds of measurements every second) was too much for farmers and industry experts to make sense of – let alone make informed decisions on.

Going to market with a swift solution

We helped AGCO across multiple analytics areas, using our data expertise to accelerate the adoption of analytics and data tools across the organisation. AGCO was confident that we could deliver their project at pace, engaging with a wide pool of industry experts, integrating data assets and creating interactive data visualisations.

Delivering practical hard-working answers

Understanding where value can grow

The project was undertaken using a three-stage approach: Firstly, understanding the needs. Our consultants engaged with AGCO’s subject matter experts to define the analytical areas of greatest value to their customers, and then defined the key questions, metrics and KPIs that help to define the analytical approach.

Preparing the ground work

We then moved onto preparing and consolidating all AGCO’s daily data into a single data source, applying business rules to ensure AGCO and its customers would be able to utilise rich, interactive analytics, regardless of the machine type.

Reaping the analytics rewards

In the delivery phase, we visualised data in an intuitive application that allows farmers to see their activity and assess their efficiency. We worked with the consumers of the analysis to help them tell data stories, understand their operations and make better decisions.

Successful outcomes for all

The project was delivered by our team of data experts using Alteryx and Tableau business intelligence and data analytics tools – which allowed us to accelerate the time to value and provide AGCO project owners with visibility and confidence throughout.


Answers on demand

TrueCue delivered a fully automated analytics platform that farmers could access from their breakfast table via their tablets. The solution helps farmers to answer pressing questions such as: What is the performance of my fleet? What is the health of my machinery? And how efficient is my operation?


Data into clarity

We distilled many complex calculations into easy-to-use visualisations for busy farmers, providing interactive maps of vehicle operations, highlighting machines that have worked intensely for sustained periods of time, and allowing them to view historical data trends.


Accelerated growth

A pilot solution was built in just 4 weeks for 2 AGCO customers. This successful pilot was extended to allow a wider pool of customers to harvest the insights from the analysis.

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Business challenge:

Data Visualisation



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