Optimising staffing decisions through intelligent sales forecasting

TrueCue empowered Parkdean with a Python-based machine-learning forecasting algorithm, enabling the company to achieve optimal staffing levels across their 67 UK venues.
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Parkdean Resorts - TrueCue Data Science Case Study

Business challenge:

Data Science
Machine Learning
Sales Forecasting
Sales Performance



Harnessing the power of machine learning, TrueCue supercharged the sales forecasting capabilities of the largest UK holiday operator. This enabled Parkdean to accurately predict their customer food and beverage demand across and within their 67 resorts, achieving optimal staffing levels at over 100 bar and restaurant venues.

sites across England & Scotland powered by solution


effectively predicted future f&b sales for up to 1 year


optimal staffing levels achieved across 100 bars and restaurants


Parkdean Resorts’ vision is simple – to give all of their customers the chance to create amazing memories.

With more than 6,000 seasonal and established employees, Parkdean Resorts is the largest Holiday Park Operator in the UK. Boasting a number of award-winning parks, Parkdean Resorts operate over 67 sites across Scotland to the South Coast, and Norfolk to Cornwall.

Their customers benefit from a wide range of accommodation options across its parks, including; caravans, luxury lodges, chalets, apartments, glamping tents, maisonettes, bungalows and cottages. A number of their parks are also home to touring caravan and camping pitches, making them a true one-stop-shop for UK holidays.

Despite the economic downturn caused by COVID-19, Parkdean Resorts CEO, Steve Richards, reported back in July, that he expected his resorts to be at 100% capacity for July and August, and they were already experiencing a surge for September and October bookings, creating ‘twin peak’ demand.

To support Parkdean with operating in uncertain times, where the slightest change in variables can impact on operational efficiency and profitability, TrueCue have built a bespoke next generation sales forecasting solution, driven by machine-learning.

Using machine learning, TrueCue have developed a next generation sales forecasting solution that will enable our park and complex managers to more accurately staff our venues. The impact of this will be transformational – we are already looking to plug this into both our new HR platform and finance processes.

James Gardner / Director of Data, Insights & Analytics


The challenge was to accurately predict customer
food and beverage demand across and within resorts
to allocate optimal staffing levels at bar and
restaurant venues.

Improved sales forecasting accuracy would enable:

Better staff planning to match supply with
expected demand

Optimised resource spend, i.e. balance wage bill /
customer satisfaction

The requirement was a machine learning-driven forecast that needed to be built under a limited budget and to a strict time-scale.


The build of a sales forecast which effectively predicted food
and beverage sales up to 1 year in the future
, down to
individual venues at the hourly grain.

The solution was built using a Python-based machine learning algorithm which used data inputs such as last year
sales, date features, park bookings and weather.

A set of Power BI dashboards was then developed to
visualise the predicted values and provide access to the
business users with appropriate role based-security.

The solution will enable Park Managers to review the
forecast on a weekly basis and create staffing rotas for each venue, which will more accurately meet expected customer demand

Reaping the benefits of machine learning powered sales forecasting


Optimised staffing decisions

Better match supply of staff with customer demand at food and beverage venues: reducing staff costs at quieter venues and increasing customer satisfaction at busier venues.


Cash flow management

Food and beverage spend is a substantial source of revenue for Parkdean, getting good visibility of future cash inflows helps the Finance team’s planning abilities.


Food and beverage inventory management

Understanding expected demand for products will also help
park management procure adequate levels of stock and avoid shortages

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Business challenge:

Data Science
Machine Learning
Sales Forecasting
Sales Performance



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