Harmonising People Analytics for a Global FMCG Enterprise

We helped a global FMCG business, go from zero to cloud-based Data-as-a-Service for HR analytics in just 3 months.
Global FMCG Enterprise - TrueCue Platform Case Study

Business challenge:

Cloud Data Warehousing
People Analytics



Data-driven decision-making for today and tomorrow

The HR team at a FTSE100 FMCG enterprise needed a holistic offering to bring their analytics capabilities inline with their global strategy.

The client has remained an industry leader by maintaining a competitive edge over the rest of the market. However, its HR infrastructure was in need of change. This project gave TrueCue and our client a chance to tackle HR data in a completely new way, combining real-time position, employee and financial data in one single place.

hours saved per year on data collection and reporting


hours of analytics team time saved per year


Power BI analytics dashboards built and deployed


Gaining a clearer overview of the talent challenge

The client’s 30+ new dashboards enable HR teams to visualise and understand the risks and opportunities that the organisation faces in managing their workforce.

Building a better tomorrow

The organisation is a leading, multi-category consumer goods business. Its mission is to build ‘A Better Tomorrow’ by reducing the health impact of their business, through offering a greater choice of enjoyable and less risky products for their consumers.

Struggling with data challenges

The company needed a new data platform for people analytics to seamlessly run their talent management process. Their existing solutions did not meet business demands, with an inability to integrate data from external sources. They provided inadequate usability and flexibility for customised analytics, and no automation of regular reporting.

A need for flexibility and agility

As a result, the client was unable to adequately manage and track activities over its 55,000 positions, due to the level of manual effort required to make reports available. The organisation was looking for scalability to incorporate additional, external data sources. They also needed an accelerated solution delivery, in time for their next annual talent review cycle.

Creating a foundation for insights

We worked closely with the client to create a foundational HR data warehouse, based on the TrueCue data platform hosted in the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Bringing new analytics advantages

Results delivered at speed

TrueCue has equipped the organisation with a fully governed and auditable data analytics platform, delivered at speed within a 3-month timeframe.

Automating everyday data tasks

Our solution for the client is based on a flexible and extensible data warehouse, with business-friendly SMART automation features for modelling, data validation, optimisation, data pipelines, and data correction.

Ensuring team ownership

We handed over the solution to the client business team to have full ownership of the analytics platform. This removes the dependency on IT after deployment.

We urgently required an Analytics platform to seamlessly run our Talent Management process in 2019. TrueCue delivered a fully automated Data-as-a-Service platform within just 3 months, with an estimated time saving of 10,000 hours for our HR Business Partner and Global Analytics Teams.

Global FMCG enterprise / Head of People & Org Analytics

Brighter benefits for the client

We delivered a fully automated Data as a Service (DaaS) platform within 3 months, meeting the client’s global talent management deadline.


Savings and integration

TrueCue’s platform automation saved the client over £150k in development costs, with over 500 fields of data being automatically integrated from 16 SAP SuccessFactors sources and 27 external data sources.


Dashboards into action

The solution involved creation of a robust analytics solution, curated data views, and a suite of Power BI dashboards for business consumption.


A proven platform

Using TrueCue’s proven data platform meant that more project time and resources were able to be reallocated to analytics development, rather than on building a data platform from scratch.

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Business challenge:

Cloud Data Warehousing
People Analytics



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