Supporting quality care, through cloud data warehouse automation

TrueCue exceeded expectations for the UK's oldest hospice, by delivering a cloud data warehouse automation platform, to effectively manage the Royal Trinity's 30,000 patient database, within budget and on-time.
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Business challenge:

Analytics for Healthcare
Cloud Data Warehouse Automation



Royal Trinity Hospice engaged TrueCue to help improve the way they serve their patients and to ultimately enable them to deliver a better quality of care. The requirement was to build a data warehouse with a very limited budget and to an equally strict time-scale.

The result – TrueCue successfully delivered a cloud data warehouse automation platform, under budget and in just 3 weeks.

saving over traditional data warehouse approach


to deliver a data warehouse (vs traditional 6 months+)

3 weeks

resource saved on report building and preparation


Bringing data-enabled improvements to care

We worked with Trinity to solve their data challenges – helping them implement a modern cloud data warehouse automation platform, for analytics-supported decision-making.

A heritage of care

Royal Trinity Hospice is England’s longest-established hospice organisation. Serving central and south-west London. Trinity provides palliative and end-of-life care, completely free of charge, to adults with progressive, life-limiting illnesses.

Enabling big insights for a small team

Trinity could not easily analyse data in their systems, so could not gain a clear overview of factors such as bed capacity, procedure demand, and workloads. They wanted to gather their data for analytics, but lacked technical capability. Trinity also needed something easy to implement and support going forward, given their very small team.

A powerful data warehouse in weeks

We began our engagement by understanding Trinity’s analytics requirements and data sources. We were then able to build out a fully-functional and automated cloud data warehouse platform for Trinity – all within a few weeks.

Managing the quality of patient care

The solution provides the required KPIs and reporting functionality to enable Trinity’s management team to understand how patient care is being delivered – and how it can then be improved.

Accelerating analytics time-to-value for the oldest hospice in the UK

Saving time and cost

The TrueCue team took just 3 weeks to deliver a data warehouse on our secure platform, versus a typical 6 months for a traditional solution – saving Trinity an estimated £150.000+.

Better reports with less resource

Our solution is fully supported and automated, so saves on administrator and support. Trinity saves cost, time and effort equivalent to a full-time worker (1 FTE) on report preparation and building.

Low cost to manage and maintain

The TrueCue Platform ensures a low total cost of ownership (TCO) with a scalable pay-per-usage subscription model, saving Trinity an estimated conventional system maintenance cost of £30.000 per year.

TrueCue have helped us to rapidly deliver our new cloud data warehouse platform, with minimal cost and maximum value. Our CEO can now answer the most challenging business questions, with certainty and confidence, without the need of an analyst to help her — and what makes it all the more valuable, is the right data is always available as and when she needs those questions answered.

Jason Coleman / Head of Technology & Digital

Business challenge:

Analytics for Healthcare
Cloud Data Warehouse Automation



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