Tuesday 12th January 2021: 2:00pm

Automating your Azure Data Warehouse

Maximise the value of your data with Microsoft Azure webinar series

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Data warehousing has been re-thought and reborn in the cloud for the modern, data-driven organisation, and more importantly for the smaller sized organisations for whom this capability has previously been out of reach.

By using the cloud, there can be much less infrastructure and software maintenance and resources can be obtained within minutes. Data security and disaster recovery options can be built-in and all of these features can be managed remotely.

The flexibility and ease with which storage and compute can be increased means that organisations no longer need to purchase hardware based on future predicted usage, but rather, purchase the storage and compute they require when they need it, and increase it accordingly over time.

In addition, the ability for certain cloud services to be temporarily scaled up to deal with increased workloads and then scaled back down after the processing has completed is a pattern that is highly suited to data warehouse usage patterns which can be highly sporadic.

All of these reasons make the cloud a great fit for data warehousing. However, building and updating data warehouses can be extremely time-consuming and costly. If you have a lot of development to do, introducing automation to data warehouse development can provide time-savings, reduce bugs and increase consistency.

Join TrueCue and our partners Phoenix and Simpson Associates, at 2pm on Tuesday 12th January, as we discuss the stages and components involved in introducing automation to your data warehouse development in Azure.

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 Weelin Lim

Weelin Lim

Chief Product Officer


Ben Gannon

Ben Gannon

Data and AI Specialist

Phoenix Software

Sam Spilsbury

Sam Spilsbury

Azure Lead

Microsoft Philanthropies EMEA


Calendar Tuesday 12th January 2021: 2:00pm

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