Tuesday 8th December 2020: 2:00pm

How can a Data Warehouse in Azure help your organisation get the most value from your data?

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Today’s data is big, fast, complex and ever-changing. Whether it’s the questions being asked of the data, or the data required to support decision making, organisations expect the right data to be delivered to the right teams, within the right context, at the right time – days and hours are no longer acceptable.

This heightened expectation and dependency means that whilst data is an invaluable asset, it can just as easily become a liability if not used correctly, in the right context and within the right time frame. With all the noise around big data, unstructured data and data lakes, understanding where data warehouses fit into the overall data platform is vital for organisations to ensure they leverage this well-established and proven approach successfully. 

As a foundational building block from which an organisation can develop their data and analytics capability, a data warehouse is primarily responsible for bringing disparate, structured data sources together into a business-focused data model suited for analytics. 

The data warehouse is by no means a new methodology in the world of data analytics, having originally arrived on the scene in the mid-1980’s. However, unlike many other data management innovations which have failed to satisfy the demands and requirements of the modern data-driven business, three decades later, data warehouses are only going from strength to strength, mainly driven by the fact that all businesses have structured data that needs reporting on which would benefit by bringing into a single, consistent repository for organisation-wide analytics.

Join TrueCue and our partners Phoenix and Simpson Associates and TrueCue at 2pm on Tuesday 8 December, as we discuss how using a Data Warehouse in Azure can help your organisation to get the most value from your data.

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Ben Gannon

Ben Gannon

Data and AI Specialist

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 Weelin Lim

Weelin Lim

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Andrew Edge

Andrew Edge

Data & AI Solution Lead

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Calendar Tuesday 8th December 2020: 2:00pm

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