TrueCue and Institute of Directors Data and Analytics Maturity Benchmark

Regardless of whether you’re already using data and analytics to drive your business forward, or if becoming more data-driven is your #1 priority in 2021, every business will have at least one area of their data and analytics which requires improvement.

With this in mind, we’ve designed a quick interactive live benchmarking tool that allows business leaders to compare its current level of maturity with industry peers.

Everyone who completes the assessment will receive a free personalised report, which provides insight into their organisation’s current level of maturity and how this aligns and compares with the wider SMB market.

TrueCue will then provide actionable next steps on how they can improve their data and analytics maturity, addressing the areas of low-maturity where you need to improve most.

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The Data-Driven SMB

As we enter a new era, powered by cloud, AI and automation, there is no better time for small and medium businesses to pivot their priorities, and become a “Data-Driven SMB”.

Check-out our actionable guide for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, on how to become more data-driven, in an increasingly digitalised economy.

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Data & Analytics Maturity Framework for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Serious about becoming more data-driven?

Check-out our comprehensive data and analytics maturity framework, designed to help small and medium businesses to confidently navigate their way onto the next stage of their unique maturity journey.  

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eBook: Cloud Data Warehousing Playbook for SMBs

If you are an small or medium business looking for a way to give your business the edge, then this playbook is for you. It introduces the concept of modern data warehousing and explains how it serves as the foundation for good analytics. It covers options. It gives tips. It warns of the pitfalls.

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