Managing your data for business analytics in the cloud

Accelerate your organisation’s data and analytics maturity, with the TrueCue Platform, built for business analytics in the cloud.

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Know your data. Trust your data. Cue your data.

Struggling to integrate all of your disparate data sources? Wasting hours each week manually preparing your data? Longing to win back the trust in your data? Fed-up with your ad-hoc approach to analysis?

Well, look no further than the TrueCue Platform, developed to be the simplest and quickest way to deliver reliable, affordable and trustworthy data management for every organisation, regardless of technical experience and capability.

A 3-step methodology to managing your data

As data and analytics practitioners that have delivered endless business intelligence solutions over the years, we recognised the need for an automated data management platform, designed for small and medium-sized businesses, craving truth and certainty from their data.

By automating complex technical processes, such as data modelling, data pipelines and cloud services orchestration, the TrueCue Platform provides organisations with a robust and scalable data management platform, built for business analytics in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


Know your data

Discover, classify, integrate, and centralise all of your business data in the cloud.


Trust your data

Demand complete transparency, accuracy, and accountability from your data, with best-in-class adoption of automated data management.


Cue your data

Build a single source of the truth to drive a 360-degree view of your  data. Cue your data for business analytics in the cloud, to unleash insights across your organisation, grow revenue, optimize costs and reduce risk.

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Know, Trust, Cue - TrueCue v5

Accelerating your journey to becoming a data-driven organisation

Want to see how the TrueCue Platform can help you to filter out the noise and untangle the knots in your data…

What are the benefits of the TrueCue Platform to my organisation?


Simplify data-sourcing, to unlock the potential of all your business data

Consolidate and integrate the entirety of your data from all corners of your business, through our governed crowd-sourcing data portal.


Accelerate time-to-value, to make your business decisions faster

The TrueCue Platform has been developed to deliver time-to-value from your data, at the speed of modern business – delivering the insights required to act contextually, confidently and quickly, 10x faster with 8x less cost than traditional data management platforms.


Enrich your data eco-system

Enhance your business decisions, by integrating publicly available data from third-party data partners, in a consistent and timely manner.


Mind the (trust) gap: win back confidence in your data

Leverage the power of our AI engine, to automate data quality validation and data cleansing, so you can make assured business decisions on trusted insights.


Enabling a culture of data sharing and self-service

Empower everyone in your business with access to the right data at the right time, through the TrueCue Portal, without neglecting data quality and data protection requirements.


Simplicity, flexibility and agility

A unified experience in managing your data landscape, without over-burdening IT, the expense of infrastructure or the ongoing need for technical resource.

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Hear what our clients have to say about the TrueCue Platform

TrueCue have helped us to rapidly deliver our new data management platform, with minimal cost and maximum value. Our CEO can now answer the most challenging business questions, with certainty and confidence, without the need of an analyst to help her — and what makes it all the more valuable, is the right data is always available as and when she needs those questions answered.

Jason Coleman / Head of Technology & Digital

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Platform overview

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eBook: Cloud Data Warehousing Playbook for SMBs

If you are an small or medium business looking for a way to give your business the edge, then this playbook is for you. It introduces the concept of modern data warehousing and explains how it serves as the foundation for good analytics. It covers options. It gives tips. It warns of the pitfalls.

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