Managing your data for business analytics in the cloud

Accelerate your analytics capabilities with the TrueCue Platform, a smart data warehouse automation platform built for business leaders on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Know your data. Trust your data. Cue your data.

Discover a fast, convenient & cost-effective path to the benefits of cloud analytics

– with the market’s only fully Platform-as-a-Service for data warehouse automation.

Choose a fully managed, smart data provisioning platform built for the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Our platform massively accelerates the delivery and maintenance of consolidated business data, using a simple no-code approach.

Your unified data is then available in self-optimising models, ready for you to connect your BI and analytics tools of choice.

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Our complete end-to-end SaaS data warehouse platform is designed for organisations and business departments who want fast, reliable results from their data analytics, while minimising technical complexity.

It uses AI and automation to accelerate and simplify your journey to an enterprise-grade data warehouse.

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Using our intuitive browser-based portal, the TrueCue Platform enables non-technical staff to bring data sources into your cloud data warehouse.

You can easily create a business-focused data model using its AI-assisted model inference engine.

Automated data quality validation checks, customisable business data rules and full data audits ensure that data issues are identified, and that data owners are notified whenever their data is uploaded and processed.

Build a better home for your data

More results less effort

With the TrueCue Platform, you can accelerate the creation of your data warehouse, from weeks or months – to just days or hours. You can build and manage your data analytics platform without a large technical team, saving money and time.

An agile approach to analytics

Create insight and value by integrating and consolidating multiple data sources into a single trusted repository – while ensuring the quality of data with our platform’s auditing and logging capabilities.

Advantages of our trusted cloud

As a fully SaaS offering, our platform manages all the Microsoft Azure Cloud resources needed to develop and run a fully-automated data warehouse, giving you all the features and functionality – without any maintenance.

“Analysts spend almost half of their working week searching for and preparing data.”

State of Data Science and Analytics Report. IDC, 2019

Security for your data, by design

Protecting your data for GDPR and more

Our platform meets the strictest security data standards. By hosting your data in Azure, we help to ensure compliance with EU Model Clauses and the requirements of GDPR.

Certified IT security standards

TrueCue is certified to the ISO 27001:2013 IT Security standard. We have extensive security and data protection controls in place for the TrueCue Platform, building on the security capabilities already in Azure.

Secure by design

As a true multi-tenanted environment, each TrueCue client tenant is logically separated to safeguard your data. We currently only host data on the TrueCue Platform within the EU region, and your data always remains in the territory of your choice.

“73% of decision makers believe that migrating their data to the cloud has positively impacted what they can do with their data”

Data Strategy and Culture – Paving The Way To The Cloud.
Exasol, 2020

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TrueCue have helped us to rapidly deliver our new cloud data warehouse platform, with minimal cost and maximum value. Our CEO can now answer the most challenging business questions, with certainty and confidence, without the need of an analyst to help her — and what makes it all the more valuable, is the right data is always available as and when she needs those questions answered.

Jason Coleman / Head of Technology & Digital

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Whatever the location or form of your data assets, we make it easy to bring them all into our platform.

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eBook: Cloud Data Warehousing Playbook for SMBs

If you are an small or medium business looking for a way to give your business the edge, then this playbook is for you. It introduces the concept of modern data warehousing and explains how it serves as the foundation for good analytics. It covers options. It gives tips. It warns of the pitfalls.

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