Features & Benefits

The TrueCue Platform delivers a wide range of powerful features and benefits for your data warehouse and analytics strategy.

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Advantages for your data warehouse

Pay as you go, scale as you grow

Our platform architecture enables your data warehouse scalability with a responsive pricing model. Built on Microsoft Azure Cloud, it provides the high demands and resiliency essential for business continuity, especially during a crisis.

Move faster to business insights

Accelerate your path to cloud analytics with our innovative SaaS platform, designed to bring simplicity to your cloud data warehouse – so you can deliver the insights to understand your operations and make data-driven decisions.

Empower your team with data tools

The TrueCue Platform provides a governed web portal for your team to submit and validate their data sources. You receive instant data suitability feedback and detailed quality analysis, to ensure the submitted data is fit for purpose.

Data workers are spending 7 hours per week on average manually updating formulas, pivot tables, cell and sheet references*

Fast track to your cloud data warehouse

Our automation platform, built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud gives you an easy and cost-effective way to deliver a robust and scalable cloud data warehouse for analytics.


Secure by design

Your data is secured by encryption in transit and at rest, while access is restricted to your authorised users, with all platform activity fully audited.


Data at your fingertips

Our platform’s intuitive user interface simplifies the build, deployment and maintenance of your cloud data warehouse.


Agility meets data governance

Your data warehouse is designed for an agile approach and owned by your business team – but can still be governed by your IT team as needed.


Simplify your data processes

The TrueCue Platform simplifies and automates data warehouse design, physical build, data cleansing, validation and loading.


Automation saves time and effort

Our platform automatically builds all the data pipelines for data ingestion & processing, designs & conducts all the data quality validations & auditing.


Use AI for smart data models

Using its AI-led inference engine, our platform reads your data and, automatically defines a data model suited for data management and analytics.


Built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Our platform automatically creates all Azure services and security to ensure a scalable and secure platform for your data processing.


Smart in every detail

The documentation system built into our platform automatically records the details of your data warehouse and data feed specifications.

TrueCue have helped us to rapidly deliver our new cloud data warehouse platform, with minimal cost and maximum value. Our CEO can now answer the most challenging business questions, with certainty and confidence, without the need of an analyst to help her — and what makes it all the more valuable, is the right data is always available as and when she needs those questions answered.

Jason Coleman / Head of Technology & Digital

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Connectors and APIs

Whatever the location or form of your data assets, we make it easy to bring them all into our platform.

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Pricing made simple

Our pay-as-you-use monthly pricing plans make it simple & cost-efficient to run your data warehouse

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*State of Data Science and Analytics Report. IDC, 2019

Case Study: Fighting COVID-19 with Data

Learn about how we’re helping the largest Sustainability and Transformation Partnership in the NHS, to use data analytics to improve their response to COVID-19 and save lives.

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